26 Hydro Facilities 12 States

Improving availability and productivity, while reducing long-term costs to increase predictable cash flows.

Our clients include private equity companies, counties, municipalities, utilities, bond insurers, and international infrastructure companies.

Northbrook Power Management continually strives to provide environmentally safe and cost-effective hydroelectric power.

For over 30 years,

Northbrook Power Management has been focused solely on maximizing the value of hydroelectric assets for our clients by providing best-of-breed O&M and general management services

N orthbrook Power Management is the leading independent hydropower operations, maintenance and asset management company, serving the industry for more than 30 years. Northbrook has executed cost-effective strategies to maximize returns and reduce costs at the 26 facilities we currently operate for a variety of owners, including our own companies, private equity firms, cities and counties, utilities, bond insurers and infrastructure companies. As an operator AND owner of hydropower facilities,

Northbrook’s management philosophy is uniquely shaped by an innate understanding of an owner’s priorities and needs.

Our clients benefit greatly from this view of hydropower operations through an owner’s lens, as well as from the expertise of our hydro-savvy team of specialists in engineering, operations, regulatory, environmental, finance and accounting, and our vast network of hydropower industry relationships.

Whether international or domestic, our clients depend on Northbrook’s depth of knowledge and broad experience to maximize plant output, safely and cost effectively. Northbrook meets the specific needs of each client through custom tailored O&M services and management services.

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